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ATP as STANDARD for all O365 signups

11 November 2019 - IP Dimension announced today that ATP, DKIM, and DMARK will be implemented as a baseline security standard for all newly signed Office 365 clients. The ATP service is supplied as a separate license by Microsoft but will be included as part of the Office 365 license agreement with IP Dimension. A recent study showed that impersonation attacks on businesses marked a noticeable 62% increase with phishing attacks contributing 88% towards attacks on email.

“Educating end users on cyber resilience and raising awareness to security in the digital space, simply is not enough anymore. Social engineering reached new heights with even the most aware individuals, falling victim to attacks from these bots” said Riaan Lombard, Director of IP Dimension. “The reputational damages suffered by corporates and individuals are far more than reported with companies losing business to business partners at an alarming rate. Business owners need to look past the cost of protection and compare it to the cost of losing current and future clients.” said Lombard

Office 365 is often compared to Mimecast email security services in the media with each company stating their advantage over the other. IP Dimension is however of the opinion that both companies have great products and can be applied in a manner that compliment your email security platform if implemented correctly. This addresses only certain aspects of your security portfolio and should not be considered as a “set and forget” solution. Regular training and awareness campaigns must be implemented by organisations to ensure that end users are well informed as to the tell-tale signs of email-based attacks.

Office 365 and IP Dimension
IP Dimension is a leading reseller of Microsoft Office 365 subscription based licensed products. They provide licensing on a monthly rental agreement as well as annual agreements. The recent launch of their online store introduced clients to the ability of purchasing and managing their own licenses with the back end support of a company well versed in Office 365 technologies.