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Service Level Agreements

Tailormade Service Level Agreements

We recognize that not all businesses are the same and therefore don’t require the same level of service. IP Dimension Support Services is not a one-size-fit-all or generic solution – which is why we tailor transparent Service Level Agreements that are adapted to suit your technology needs and aligned to your business goals. We are in IT for growth and we are hungry for new territory.

Outsourced IT Manager or Engineers

In need of an outsourced IT Manager or Engineer? We can place one for you on contract basis.

Server or Backup Monitoring

If you are only looking for an expert to monitor your Servers, Networking Equipment or Backups, without hiring an exclusive expert to do so, we've got you covered with tailor-made monitoring agreements.

Hardware & Software Sales

Hardware Sales

Enrolled with over 100+ Local and International Distributors and supplying over 350 different brands like APC, Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, Skull Candy & Western Digital to name a few. You name it and our sales team will find it. Simply send a request for a quotation to our sales department ( for a quotation.  

Built to Order 

Can’t find the Desktop or Server specification you are looking for? We will custom build your Desktop or Server to fit your needs.

Software Sales

From Server Operating Systems to Desktop Operating Systems and Applications, we can supply it all, with options between perpetual or annual agreement licenses.

Consumable Sales

We Supply the Following Consumables 


Rental Agreements

Why Rental ?

You benefit from using assets and equipment by not owning them. Having the latest technology and equipment is an important part of staying competitive, but it can be an expensive struggle to keep up continuously. Storing all the old equipment can be a pain as well.

Renting enables you to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment and then to simply replace or upgrade it when the agreement comes to an end.

Contact our sales team ( today to turn any quotation into a rental agreement that will suit your needs.

Onsite & Remote Support

IP Dimension offers a selection of ICT Support Services, designed with your business in mind. Whether you run a rudimentary setup or have multiple users, servers or network devices segregated across various locations. We are the ‘People you call’

Our expert approach to support and service delivery ensures that you, our valued Customer, receive only the highest levels of standards that you can expect from a leading IT Company. Your needs are at the core of all our processes. Our qualified engineers are well-equipped to handle any technical challenge head on, combining proven support methodologies, communication and quality workmanship for fast turnaround of queries and minimal disruption to your business.

From simple day-to-day service requests, such as printer and internet connectivity hassles right through to complex incidents, we have the depth of skill and knowledge at hand to advise and maintain your technology environment effectively.

Onsite Support: When you need us, we will be there.
Remote Support: Real-time support when you need it most.

Hardware Services & Repairs


Looking to increase your Hard Drive space or memory? Simply get a quotation and let our qualified workshop technicians test & install it for you.

Backup Formats & Reinstallations

Hardware replacements or recovering from a disaster? No problem, our experienced workshop technicians will have you back up and running in no time.


Intermittent issues can lead to unproductivity, let us find the issue for you with our well-equipped testing tools.

Printer Service & Repairs

Printer Services & Repairs 

Time to service your printer? Yes, printers need to be serviced on a regular basis. With onsite and offsite service and repair options available, we guarantee minimal disruption.

Internet Services & Hosting

Fibre & Broadband Internet Connectivity


Email Hosting

Office 365 - Microsoft Exchange Online
POP3 Hosting
Hosted Exchange

Website Hosting

Website Hosting
Basic Website Designs

Cloud Services

See Cloud Services offerings below

Cloud Services (SaaS), (PaaS), (IaaS) & (DRaaS)

(SaaS) Software as a Service

i.e. Hosted Applications/Apps

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Cloud Solutions Providor
Microsoft Service Providor Licensing Agreement

(PaaS) Platform as a Service

i.e. Virtual Servers & Development Tools

Microsoft Azure 
Amazon Web Services

(IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

i.e. Cloud Storage, Virtual Network Infrastructure & DataCenters 

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure

(DRaaS) Disaster Recovery as a Service

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery
StorageCraft Cloud Services

IT Assessments

IT Assessments

The purpose of an IT Assessment is to provide The Client with a high-level overview of their current IT infrastructure.
This assessment will take the current strategies into account and propose remedial actions needed for the organization to stay abreast with technology and their market competitors.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

How would you cope if your IT system failed or was breached by hackers? We cover the main IT security issues you need to be aware of.

 Security and anti-virus software plays an essential role in protecting your company’s servers and computers.

 The internet is likely to be the single largest source of security risks to your business, a potential source of virus infections and malware with a Firewall network security system can be monitored and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

Email Security
 Unified email management offers cloud email services for email security, continuity and archiving emails. Protect and manage your email data.

Outsourced Penetration testing
 (also called pen testing) is the practice of testing a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

If the worst were to happen to your business IT system, could you carry on working? Careful continuity planning and a reliable backup system will ensure you can keep operating with minimal disruption.

Our backup solutions include:

Single File and Folder Cloud Backup Solutions
Onsite High Available Backups
Offsite "sneakernet" Backups
Offsite Cloud Backups

Network Solutions

Network Solutions

An IT network connects all your devices, plus other peripheral equipment such as printers.

To build a network you will need a range of equipment including the following:

Cables and Connectors
 These link together the computers, printers, servers and other equipment on your network.

Routers & Switches
 This manages network traffic, ensuring devices can communicate with each other via both wired and wireless connections, and provides internet connectivity.
Wireless Access Point (optional)
. This will extend your wireless network if the switch is incapable of offering coverage in certain parts of the building.

Internet Connection
 This could be a faster fibre connection or dedicated leased line.

Hardware Firewall
 This creates a secure barrier between your network and the internet, blocking security threats. Networks sometimes include an on-site network server which runs central applications, acts as an email server and provides file storage.