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IP Dimension offers the below Backup & DR services:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Policy & Regulations
  • Physical Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Strategies
  • BaaS & DRaaS

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Strategies and Benefits of

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a detailed data strategy of how specific data is stored in the cloud. This allows all authorised company personnel to access the cloud-based data anywhere with ease.
Below, you can see the list of Cloud Storage Strategy services offered by IP Dimension, with a short description:

  • Azure Disk Storage: Is compatible with Linux & Windows systems. It is a read-only access secure storage disk.
  • Azure Blob Storage: Used for storing data that is not structured, it is read-only.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage: Role-based storage, that stores data of all sizes.
  • Azure Files: It is similar to OneDrive, however, more advanced and specifically for data storage. In addition, you can easily create and share files with authorised personnel.
  • Azure NetApp Files: Hierarchy cloud storage, capable of storing large amounts of data.
  • Data Box: A secure system used for transferring large amounts of data.

Backup & DR

Policy & Regulations

As part of business continuity, organisations need to implement certain policies and disaster recovery plans that ultimately forms part of their business plans. Insurance providers require companies to adhere to certain standards in order to ensure business continuity and minimize the possibility of risk. IP Dimension has assisted many a client with compiling, structuring, and implementing backup and disaster recovery plans and policies that follow guidelines as set out in the well known ITIL (Information Technology Information Library) standards. This aids companies in ultimately achieving their ISO standards if that is a requirement. Furthermore, these policies are revisited regularly to confirm validity and applicability to the customer environment. Disasters are simulated and recovery plans tested against the simulation to validate the policies and procedures.

Physical Storage

NAS, storage servers, etc.

NAS, which stands for network-attached storage. Is dedicated to storing unstructured data, like files, audio, data, video and much more. Making it ideal to use in both your house and work life. NAS, when used at work can be used as a secure and remote data/file storage device that employees can connect to via a web-based application to retrieve the information that they’re looking for. Storage servers are servers that are only used for storing all your data, they are multipurpose storage servers. You can use a storage server as your central point of storage for all your data, files and more. This enables a quick and easy way to retrieve certain data or files to carry out an action on various tasks at work for your daily workload or to help your clients. Should you run out of storage, it is easy to upgrade the storage space.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Hybrid cloud strategies make use of both private and public clouds to store data, which is used on-premises and off-premises. These clouds are then connected to one another. This essentially allows you to quickly and with ease move the data from the public cloud to the private cloud. In-demand hybrid cloud strategies include Azure hybrid and AWS systems.
IP Dimension have several hybrid-cloud strategists who are ready to assist you through the process of implementing your hybrid-cloud strategy. To truly benefit from hybrid cloud strategies, you must employ hybrid cloud strategists that have experience in the best practices for hybrid cloud strategies.

BaaS & DRaaS

BaaS & DRaaS

Backup as a service (BaaS) is an approach to backing up data that involves purchasing backup and recovery services from an online data backup provider. Instead of performing backup with a centralised, on-premises IT department, BaaS connects systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud managed by the outside provider.
Backup as a service is a crucial service for any critical application and compliant IT infrastructure. This service frees up your IT resources and allows frontline IT technicians and managers to focus on core activities, rather than repetitive tasks such as storage space provisioning and forecasting cloud storage consumption.
DRaaS refers to disaster recovery as a service. This technology allows companies to run their most critical applications in an environment that replicates the application to allow for an “always on” client environment. The most common use of DRaaS is hosting of a web front end servicing customer logins and interactions. All actions are replicated to the disaster recovery environment. In the event that the primary environment suffers an outage, the disaster recovery environment will continue to service customer interactions without interruption. Other uses include hosting of applications in the DR environment, and creation of test environments to deploy beta releases of software.



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