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IP Dimension offer the below Security & Compliance services:

  • SendMarc Solutions
  • ESET Endpoint Security
  • Firewall
  • Email Security
  • Encryption

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DMARC Solutions

DMARC Solutions

SendMarc allows your company's communication tool to safeguard your business reputation. That will entail guiding an email to your chosen location, where your name will remain protected from any fraudulent use through proactive monitoring of your email ecosystem. Using SendMarc will ensure trust and confidence when receiving emails, bearing your identity which will further lead to being verified through DMARC standards.
DMARC verifies the source of the email received and further decides what to do with the email. The security checking DMARC service only allows emails coming from a legitimate source to be delivered. In simpler terms, SendMarc ensures that in every email you receive, your name is verified. therefore, making sure you and your reputation have reliable protection from any fraudsters, attackers, or impersonators.

ESET - Endpoint Security

ESET - Endpoint Security

ESET is a centrally directed computer security solution that creates an awareness of viruses or malicious software detection and provides protection. This security protection is for home users, small businesses, and enterprise users to provide the needed protection for end user and server environments. This protection, combined with IP Dimension's stack of security offerings, will guard against hackers, keep you safe from cyber-attacks, and allow extra security on shopping and banking sites, whilst protecting prefilled passwords and encrypting your images and files.
IP Dimension ESET endpoint services provides advanced protection for clients with security as a top priority in their organizations. Additionally, we offer identity, data, and endpoint protection which provides security for mobile devices and business computers. Further services are included, whether it would be advanced threat defense, extended detection and responses, or security management. All of these services mentioned above are to ensure that any digital environment is protected against any possible threats and attacks targeting the user and their business.


A firewall protects a specific network or system at home or in your business. This can be done through hardware, software, or a cloud-based service that is based on a set of guidelines applied to the service that allows or denies access to networked equipment based on a set of rules.

Any corporation will benefit from installing a firewall regardless of what industry the business lies in. Businesses get an immense number of cyber-attacks which increases the risk of the business possibly losing data, losing IP, and potentially placing their customers at risk. IP Dimension’s Firewall service follows a process where one of our technical consultants will investigate the current security solution implemented in your business. Following this they will compile a report and advise the client on the industry’s best practices and delivering an understanding of which firewall solution would be best for the client’s business. This will ensure that you and your business are protected in the best way possible.

Email Security

Email Security

What is Email Security? It’s protection that prevents malware, ransomware, credential harvesting, and impersonation attacks from happening to your email environment. IP Dimension will ensure a safe and secure email space; whether it’s an email you have received or sent; you will be able to safely open any email.
This service assists businesses that suffers from impersonation attacks, ransomware, and phishing. We use a feature called Mimecast, which is an advanced targeted threat protection technology. Additional services offered by us will secure a gateway that will safeguard your business against all forms of email compromise, as well as provide a service that will add prevention, faster remediation, and excellent resilience.
Mimecast - SaaS email technology covers all areas of unified email management and email security. Mimecast provides 100% anti-virus protection and 99% anti-spam protection.



Encryption is a means of securing digital data using one or more mathematical techniques, along with a password or "key" used to decrypt the information. This service is for those that have protection of their IP as a top priority, It also adds the advantage of additional protection of data for client and customer data from unauthorised access. The encryption solution can guard any device that has password protection and implements a no access wall that can only be passed through by the correct password. This may also allow the prevention of leaked data if the encrypted device is lost or stolen.
Anyone could benefit from encryption services. That’s why IP Dimension offers BitLocker Drive Encryption. This specific service will protect your business data. It features integration through the operating system and addresses the threats of data theft, exposure, lost/stolen or inappropriate decommissioned computers.

Customer Success Story

Mahindra (South Africa)

”Mahindra SA has been a client for IP Dimension for +10 years. Their variety of IT skills, knowledge and support has been an asset to Mahindra, and has constantly improved and evolved as technologies have changed over the years. Their support, both onsite and remote has been excellent as they have been able to respond to our IT challenges timeously and thoroughly.
Excellent and professional 5 star service!”

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